Monday, May 14, 2012


Hi folks. Yes, it's been a while (4 months, amazing) since I said I'd come back "soon." I've not written any new post on my blog in ages because all these months I've been totally busy and lazy at the same time. I know that only a few people read this blog, but I still feel bad.
Anyway, I'm back.

As promised, this is how I make tteokbokki, a popular Korean snack food commonly sold by street vendors. Man, I love street food. So what does it taste like? Well, definately spicy, slightly sweet and very chewy. Like many other Korean foods, it's hard to describe how it tastes. You won't know what you're missing 'till you try it out.

You'll need:

Rice cakes (traditionally in the form of finger-sized cylinders, but I prefer ovalettes)
Fish cakes
Gochujang, a.k.a. Korean hot pepper paste
Soy sauce
Sugar or corn syrup
Dried anchovies and kelp (optional)

All of the ingredients can be purchased at a Korean market.
You can always be creative and add more ingredients, such as hardboiled eggs, ramen noodles, and even cheese. I think this is like the most basic version.


If you're using refrigerated rice cakes instead of fresh ones, soak them in water until they're soft.
Cut the fish cakes and the rest of the ingredients into the approapritate size pieces.


In a large pan or a pot, bring water to a boil. Add dried anchovies and kelp. I always use this stock for my tteokbokki, but you can skip this part if you don't have the ingredients.
Keep them simmering for about 15 minutes, or until the color turns yellowish.
Discard the kelp and anchovies. Their job is done. Time for the rice cakes to go skinny dipping.
Minced or ground garlic and spoonfuls of pepper paste join in. Stir well.
Now throw in the fish cakes,
and cabbage.
Season with soy sauce and add a little bit of sweetness by adding some sugar or corn syrup.
Keep simmering, stirring occasionally, until they are all cooked thoroughly. That's it.

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  1. I've never tried this before, but it sure looks delicious! Great to see you back Ducky!