Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Christmas Time Again

I didn't do anything special for Christmas this year. Well, not that my Christmas was bad, but I mean there literally was nothing special about my Christmas this year.
I hosted a little dinner party for my family and a friend. Since my family was pretty tired of meat and turkey, I just made spaghetti, salads, and crêpes à la mode for dessert. And we also drank hot apple cider, which is sort of like our little family tradition. Then we watched a Christmas movie together, of course. (You know what, Love Actually is really a great movie, it's probably the only romantic comedy movie I actually enjoy watching.)
By the way, I made the centerpieces with the materials I got from Dollar Tree, where everything is a dollar. Holidays should be cost efficient, right?

Hope you guys had a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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