Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Boat Parade

My first non food related post. Yayy.
I went to the 103rd annual Newport Beach Chrismas Boat Parade last Sunday.
Despite the cold weather it was crowded with people.
Any spot with a good view was already taken. Not to mention that it was really hard to find a parking spot. The place was packed with people.

The parade began around 7 PM, I think. Such a shame I couldn't capture all the amazing sights. I wish I had a zoom lens! Sorry about the crappy pictures.

My favorite was the SpongeBob decorated boat. (You can also see Patrick dancing on the boat.)

The parade lasted a couple hours.
It was pretty entertaining to watch the parade, but it was also fun to just walk and look around.

There was this landmark ferris wheel of Balboa Fun Zone...

And also a bungee trampoline. The guy there was so nice and friendly to kids, at first I thought he was their uncle or something, haha. He was so good at making kids laugh. Aww.

I wasn't able to take decent pictures, but I had fun regardless.
Now I wish I have a zoom lens. Or a boat. Or both.


  1. This looks like a lot fun! And I'm with you, I want a boat too!

  2. nice pictures ducky :) i wish i was there!

  3. @the food dude
    Thank you, Dude! I want to live by the beach and own a boat someday, haha :)

    Thanks :) Let's get a boat and participate in the parade next year, haha.