Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eat Cake Cafe

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. I've been quite lazy lately...
Last weekend we went to Rowland Heights. After singing karaoke for I don't know how many hours, we dropped by Eat Cake Cafe.

Here are the pictures...

The strawberry head thingy somehow reminds me of the Muppets.

They're organic and gluten free. Reasonably priced. The staffs are friendly.
Besides the cakes they also have other baked goods and drinks. I've only tried four of their cakes and a cup of green tea. They were good.

We took some home.
By the way, it's not Fork at Cake. It's Eat Cake. Seems like some people have problems reading their name correctly. (My sister, for instance.)



  1. ooh im curious how were the chocolate ones?
    :) give me some details so i can go buy some later keke. missed ur posts! next time lets try bottega louie and interesting spots in LA!

  2. @sena's
    They were yummy! Both of them were good but personally I liked the mousse cake better than the chiffon cake :D

  3. That third cake from the top below the white strawberry cake looks good!

  4. @the food dude
    I believe it was something chocolatey, can't remember what it was called. Yeah, it does look good :D