Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Easy Goulash

I love goulash. It's one of my top favorite dishes ever. Originally a Hungarian dish, goulash is popular in many other countries, and every family has their own recipe. Some use tomatoes, some make it very thick, etc. This recipe, however, doesn't use tomatoes or bell peppers and the consistency is more like soup rather than stew.


Beef, cut into little chunks
Beef broth or water
Paprika powder
Olive oil
Bay leaves


1. In a large pot, drizzle some olive oil and cook beef over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper. You can add paprika now or later.
2. Add the veggies, all peeled and diced. Cook for a few minutes.
3. Add broth or water. If you're using water, add salt. If you haven't added paprika yet, add now. I use imported Hungarian paprika.
4. Close the lid, bring to a boil, then simmer. Goulash is a slow cooking food, so the slower you cook the better, but 30 minutes is enough since this is supposed to be a quick and easy recipe.

By the way, sometimes when I have extra time I add handmade egg noodles, like in the photo below. This is optional, of course.

Serve with bread and/or sour cream.

Om nom nom!


  1. Potatoes and carrots in goulash is new to me, but it does sound good.

  2. @Christine's Pantry
    Thanks for dropping by, Christine! That's interesting, most goulash recipes I've encountered use potatoes :)